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The Piero Guidi Vertical Shopper in white has a tremendously playful circus sideshow aspect to it without all the garish carnival referencing.

From a distance, this oversized shopper appears to have random splashes of color, but up-close there’s a world of wonder to explore; big top tents and classic showgirls are surrounded by acrobats and animals morphed into humans.

Upon close inspection, dancing ballerinas, contortionist horse jockeys and trumpet-playing serpents resort the bag like they’ve inhabited a century-old tale that we are just now observing.

There is an intellectual aspect about the bag. Not only is it part of the “Angels of our Time” collection – a spiritualistic ascribe – but it maintains an existential realm illustrated through the designer’s use of trapeze, nature and color.

Ironically, this bag comes from designer Piero Guidi’s Angels line rather than his “Magic Circus” line, which features a plethora of colored purses. There is a similarity between most of his bags from any category, however. They all maintain leather and cloth characteristics while holding rubber and steel detailing.

Piero Guidi was born in Urbino during the ‘60s, which explains his liberated and gritty inspiration in creating the Vertical Shopper. He was a student of bas-relief and sculpture at the State School of Arts in Urbino until joining the Lineabold brand as a designer.

The brand is often referred to as the “Coach” of Italy due to its elegance and high quality ingredients. For example, the Vertical Shopper features a Jacquard lining with an interior cell phone pocket. It also has an inside wall zipper that is large enough to fit most precious possessions.

The bag has a double-handled carrier, and sits at a 28-by-32.5-by-11 cms dimension.

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