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Carbotti’s white Corda is a dazzling portrayal of luxury mixed with glam rolled up in a rich design.

The oversized bag has simple angles with only two diamond gems at the base of the shoulder-length double handles attaching them to the purse. They are classy enough to add a tiny sparkle against the otherwise blank canvas, yet not too flashy to blind passersby.

This roomy, mod-inspired purse measures 33/46 by 37 by 19 cms, and is made from the finest of ‘corda’ calfskin. And, since class never goes out of style, this ‘60s-channeled handbag will add style and panache to any ensemble.

There is a top zipper closure to secure all of your personal belongings, as well as a magnetic clip to ensure that no peepers can check out the mystery that is on the inside.

Corda is a beautiful rendition of the Made-in-Italy mantra, and enjoys elegant leather trimmings with two hidden pockets along the inside of the bag’s wall.

In keeping with Carbotti’s long-standing tradition of high quality and form, they’ve ensured their handbags with a “Made in Italy” authenticity tag by the Italian Leather Handbags Manufacturer Association (AIMPES).

According to Carbotti, AIMPES only endorses the best, most pristine handcrafted purses chiseled to perfection by the most skilled craftsman.

For more information as well as to purchase this charming purse, please visit: http://www.stylywear.com/carbotti-corda-white/