Red is the color of love, the color of passion. It wreaks style and evokes sultriness, especially when it comes in the form of a classic oversized purse.

Carbotti’s Siria hand bag in red is the perfect example of this alluring phenomenon. There is elegance and a charm about the Siria that depicts the designer’s ‘50s vintage image impeccably; a look that is both classy and quality.

According to the designer, the high-class inspiration comes from a precious relationship with the leather goods themselves. Carbotti is flexible with the ever-changing fashion trends, yet maintains a high standard of craftsmanship in their merchandise.

The durable purse is made from the finest seta calfskin, while the inner lining is composed of the Jacquard brand, another top manufacturer. There is a large inner pouch with an inside wall zipper and cell phone pocket as well.

This purse is two parts stylish and two parts practical. It utilizes ease and comfort of wear as well as portability via its convenient and removable shoulder-turned-hand strap. And, there’s no worry about someone rummaging the bag with its patent mini lock closure.

The Siria measures 36 x 28 x 14 cms, just large enough to hold a day’s worth of belongings, but not enough to be considered gaudy.

Every fiber of this and all other Carbotti bags is created in Italy, and promises luxury through simplicity and design. In addition, Carbotti’s long-standing collaboration with other panache Italian suppliers only helps to enhance the label’s reputation as a cult of the status quo, according to

Each of Carbotti’s unique handbags are designed and manufactured by hand in Italy, encompassing only the most pristine of fabrics, fittings and leathers. To ensure authenticity, check for the brand’s signature piece, a tag on the inside of the purse saying “We Love Italian Bags.”

All Carbotti bags are a must-have during any season, but the Siria in red is the hottest purse on the market with no means of comparison. Purchase yours today at