Carbotti’s Classic Rachel

Everyone has to have an oversized black bag, and Carbotti’s Classic Rachel fits the bill beautifully without sacrificing capacity or character.

Like all the bags designed under Carbotti’s name, Rachel is of the highest quality made by hand inItalywith entire precision. She has a refined and elegant design.

Rachel’s classic nature and sleek look only help the bag achieve its superior status through stylishly created architecture and flower calfskin.

Rachel is made from the finest of materials, even down to her double-rolled leather handles.

She has a double zip closure that allows her carrier to entirely enjoy the bag’s roomy size without having to worry about the security of their belongings.

Inside the bag, there is a zippered wall pouch with a cell phone pocket spacious enough to hold most of your daily take-alongs. Rachel measures 42x32x14 cms and is lined with the best of Jacquard materials.

In addition to the already plush and sizeable interior, there are two wide compartments that occupy the inside of the bag that closes with a centered zip pocket divider.

Rachel falls under Carbotti’s Classic design probably due to its timeless taste. She will never go out of style or fashion thanks to her simple and sleek look, unlike other more trendy labels that come and go with fashion’s whim.

All black with modest silver buckles and buttons help Rachel’s classic look and rich feel. She lives up to her reputation of style and class through an entirely Italian design and material.

Rachel is most certainly one of a kind. She can be purchased by visiting http://www.stylywear.com/carbotti-rachel-classic-black/