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Carbotti’s Orione Camel on www.stylywear.com

Carbotti’s Orione purse in camel is reminiscent of a desert oasis through both its style as well as its color.

The shade of this oversized bag blends magnificently with the hot sand in addition to your everyday, run-of-the-mill spitting camel.

This Carbotti design not only channels the Saharan Desert, but it also has a little flair of ‘60’s-inspired vintage lines throughout the pattern. This bag is both mod and mystic desert all rolled into one.

This simply classic design harbors a refined feel that must surely be derivative of its authentic calfskin and patent Italian design.

Orione is handmade in Italy using only the finest of leathers, helping it achieve a timeless look and feel. It features double leather handles with a full zipper at the top of the bag.

This purse is clean and effortless, a design and architecture that compliments any high quality style. From the sands to the vintage, Orione in camel will certainly be the go-to bag for 2012.

Orione measures 36 x 25 x 13.5 cms and maintains a basic, gold trimming that only flatters the bag’s original color and design.

This lovely bag also contains an open interior pocket and cell phone pouch tucked within genuine Jacquar lining. There is a wall zipper on the inside, and a small tag that dangles from the handle ensuring its wearer of the bag’s authenticity via the “We Love Italian Handbags” Carbotti-patent tag.

Definitely one of those bags that will go down in history, Carbotti’s Orione in camel is here to stay. Hop on this bandwagon and pick up yours today at http://www.stylywear.com/carbotti-orione-camel/