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Finding the Perfect Earrings for the Office

Your work wardrobe is a key part of your business success. That wardrobe might have its foundation in a few nice power suits, but the perfect accessories are also important to round out your style. Of course, the perfect handbag is a must, as is a good pair of shoes. But what many forget are the finishing touches: jewelry.

Pearl studs and small silver hoops might be safe options, but they aren’t particularly interesting. If you like to express yourself with style you may want to stretch your style palette a bit, yet still remain appropriate for the office.

The key is not to go too casual, too trendy, or too flashy. To do this avoid, unsubstantial materials like feathers, plastic, or leather. While these can be great for the weekend, they’ll make your office ensembles look less authoritative or too young. You should strive for quality, but elaborate gemstones are better left to evening wear.

So now that you have a few basic guidelines, check out a few good examples of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for the work place.

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