Recently we took a look at a few of the powerful women in politics whose wardrobes inspire a meeting of style and stature. Yet a career in politics isn’t the only route to power and influence. Women in high positions in the corporate world are similarly tasked with presenting themselves as figures of authority without sacrificing their femininity. Check out how Google VP of Consumer products, Marissa Mayer approaches the job of getting dressed. Photo: whatthenerd.com

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As a big wig at one of the world’s most popular companies, Mayer has a high visibility position that leaves her open to inspection on the style front. While Google is a powerful corporation, it’s known for having a culture that’s more casual than more traditional offices. This culture is reflected in Mayer’s style choices, which are somewhat laid back, but still communicate that she’s got all her ducks in a row.

In the outfit above Mayer is seen wearing an A-line printed dress with a color-complementary cardigan. It’s a clean and stylish look that’s appropriate for everything from speaking engagements, to sunday service, to lunch with girlfriends. Here’s another example of a figure-flattering A-line dress style with a a cardigan and quality handbag.

Inspired By: Marissa Mayer, Google VP

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