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Former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham is the epitome of entertainer transformation. She’s certainly not the first pop star who has attempted to cross over in the fashion design world, but she definitely one of the most successful. Since her first collection in 2009 Beckham has grown a solid reputation in the fashion industry. Yet despite her success, you’re most likely to only see her designs on celebrities. Now the signer-turned-designer is reaching out to a wider audience with her new line Victoria, Victoria Beckham. The little sister line to the main collection features similar clean lines and updated classics, but has lower prices, making it accessible to more people.

So now that you can potentially get your hands on some true Victoria Beckham style, you might want some tips on how to wear the stylish frocks. Check out these ideas on how to accessorize five dresses from the Victoria, Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 collection.

Victoria, Victoria Beckham - Outfit 1

Victoria, Victoria Beckham - Outfit 5

Carbotti – Rachel – Camel
$355 – stylywear.com
Victoria, Victoria Beckham - Outfit 4

Piero Guidi – Necessaire – White
$122 – stylywear.com
Victoria, Victoria Beckham - Outfit 2

Carbotti – Orione – Camel
$231 – stylywear.com
Victoria, Victoria Beckham - Outfit 3

Carbotti – Corda – White
$409 – stylywear.com

Outfits compiles via polyvore.com

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