In the pursuit of good style, we often look for ways to spruce us our plain basics. Shoes, handbags, and jewelery are common ways to add variety and personality to an outfit, but if you’re dressing for a more conservative environment your pumps and purse are likely to stick to neutral territory.

Yet being basic doesn’t have to mean boring. Another way to add color and texture to your ensemble is with a pretty silk scarf. Check out these three ways to wear scarves that can take your look for uniform to unique.

Around the neck

This is one of the most classic ways of wearing a scarf – especially smaller styles and silk squares. It’s a quick way to add a pop of color to any neutral color scheme. They can be knotted, tied, or draped in various ways, as shown above. photos: vipgirlstyle.wordpress.com, bloomingdales.com, thirdage.com

Scarf Style 2

In your hair

You might not want to wear a scarf in your hair to a traditional office environment. However, it’s a good option to bring your starched basics down to earth a bit. A folded scarf also makes a chic hair protector on humid, rainy, or windy days – on your way to work or otherwise. photos: michelle-tree.com, styleguru.com, beautyxpose.com

Scarf Style 1

On your bag

Finally, a scarf is an easy way to give your handbags more mileage. It’s always a good idea to purchase your investment purses in neutral colors like black or camel. But when you want to punch up the palette a touch a pleasing color or pattern can be added to your bag tying on a nice silk scarf. This way, you can use the same staple bag to coordinate with numerous outfits. photos: revivalvintageboutique.com, bagsnob.com, banggood.com

Scarf Style 3

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