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So now that you know what’s trending in fashion jewelry, you might be thinking, “how on earth do I wear them?” Things like turquoise and tassels might not be so intimdating, but figuring out how to wear multi-colored costume baubles and maintain the elegance required of a professional woman (even outside the office!) can be challenging. Check out these outfits for some inspiration on how to wear jewelry trends for spring 2012.

Turquoise stones add eye interest to othewise neutral ensembles. They look especially nice with white or cream. To make sure your style is office-appropriate, choose jewelry items with stones no bigger than a dime. Also remember that gold settings will look more luxe, while silver is more dressed down.

Spring Jewelry: Turquoise for the Workplace

Gurhan rose jewelry
$525 – ylang23.com

Carbotti Orione Bast Cay Black
$262 – stylywear.com

Tassels can be dressed up, down, or in-between. If they are extra long, save them for weekends or evening events. A short or medium-length pair, though, can be worked into a business casual look.

Spring 2012 Jewelry: Tassel Cazh

Bold Costume Jewelry might be one of the most daunting jewelry trends to approach. Just a few seasons ago these pieces might have been considered tacky by many, but they’re now current on the cutting edge. The secret to wearing them is to make everything else very simple and let them shine as the focal point. If you’re feeling daring pick out one color from the piece and match it in one of your other accessories.

Spring Jewelry 2012: Bold Baubles & Jeans

Tribal Style can be similarly tricky, because you don’t want to end up looking costumed. Keep your style modern by wearing intricate pieces with sleek garments, like a standard black sheath.

Spring Jewelry Trend 2012: Tribal Uptown

Pamela Love oxidized jewelry
$805 – bonadrag.com

Carbotti – Coolest Fashion – Blue
$272 – stylywear.com

Fancy Flowers are another in trend that might at first seem like too much too handle. You should heed the above advice and keep things simple. However, playing it overly safe might have you looking more frumpy than fashion forward. Try pairing your bodacious bouquet with a set of bright shoes in a complementary color to keep things fresh.

Spring Jewlery 2012: Bouquet Boom!

Betsey Johnson cluster necklace
$165 – macys.com

Carbotti Orione Bast Cay Brown

$262 – stylywear.com
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