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Yes. You know how to choose the right handbag that fits your style. Yes. You know how to scrutinize a bag when it comes to quality. And yes, you know the difference between a grade A knock-off of the high end fashion brand, Louis Vuitton from the genuine thing.

But do you know how to make it last in your wardrobe?

Here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to your bag, to make sure that your investment lasts longer than just one season!

1. In storing your bag, fill it up with tissues or old clothes.

We tend to lay our bags flat in our damp and dark closet. We don’t know that by laying it flat, we are putting tension on the material and thus, prompting it to loose its shape! A total NO-NO!

If you have tissues to spare, by all means, stuff the bag, but if you are one of the eco-conscious use your soft old clothes instead.

2.  To hang, or not to hang? — That’s should not be the question!

Aside from our other usual habits of just storing the bags in the closet flat, laying down, we also tend to just hang the bags, when we are not using them.

This is again, a wrong idea. Hanging the bag actually adds tension to the handles (when that tension should be on your shoulder, when you use it) and as such, deteriorates your bag even more.

Furthermore, there are some bags that when you hang it, without any filling, folds in, damaging the middle part of the bag as well.

3. The right storage.

Store your filled up bags, standing up, in a cool, dry place. A trick is to put chalk in a  thin and flimsy muslin bag at the corner of each inner close space to make sure that every inch of humidity is absorbed.

Remember, heat and cold both damages the bag. So make sure that you store them at the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold.

4.  Read the care instruction manual.

Some artisan bag retail lines include a caring instruction upon the purchase of your bag. Read it well and follow it to a tee. Remember, they made it, so they surely know how to take care of it.

If it didn’t come with a manual, then see what kind of material is used and research  on how to take care of it in the internet. Make sure, of course, that this is a reliable source.

5. Cover you bag with a bag made up of cloth during storage.  

Contrary to popular behavior, once we buy a bag and the product is in a cloth bag, the tendency is, we throw it away or use it for other purposes. The truth is, STOP DOING THAT.

The reason that these bags were stored with their own cloth bag is because that is the right way to store them. The bag sucks in the moisture, maintains the temperature, shields the bag from dust AND allows the bag to breathe at the same time, prolonging the life of the style of your hand bag.

We hope these tips and tricks would help you in caring for your bag. In a gist, remember to maintain it’s shape, keep the temperature at the right level and remove as much humidity as possible. With these three major tips in mind, your bag will definitely last in your closet for a long time!